Best of This Is Sportscenter

With our favorite mascot, Sparty, making a recent appearance on a This Is Sportscenter  commercial, I thought we would do a countdown of my all time favorites. Those who know me well, realize I love any and all of these commercials. Now I must warn you I could make a list for days because I laugh every time they come on, but I’ll do my very best to limit the length. For ESPN fanatics like myself I highly suggest enjoying one of the youtube playlists, that contains a whole heap of said This Is Sportscenter commercials. Yes, I have wasted afternoons in my lifetime watching this playlist in its entirety and then showing it to my friends, which concludes with me watching it a 2nd time in a single day. Don’t worry though even if you’re just an average sports fan you’re bound to chuckle at these clever clips.

Spoiler Alert of the post: There will be a heavy dosage of Scott Van Pelt throughout this list. That alone should be worth a tune in.

Best of This Is Sportscenter

Wildcard- Late addition to the list courtesy of Monday Night Football, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Matthew Stafford.

15. Hip Hip Jorge – Jorge Posada
14. Yahtzee! – Dan Patrick
13. Is That Bad – Jimmy Rollins
12. Oregon Duck
11. Pat Summit
10. Kenny Chesney
9. Mailroom – LaDainian Tomlinson
8. Big Time Timmy Jim – Tim Lincecum
7. Rookie Training – Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant                                                             6. Manny Being Manny – Manny Ramirez                                                                              5. Hall of Fame Jacket – Jim Kelly                                                                                         4. Golf Gallery – Tiger Woods                                                                                                 3. Nicknames – Adrian Peterson                                                                                           2. Arnold Palmer Drink – Arnold Palmer                                                                                 1. Negotiation – Scott Van Pelt

I’ll give you a minute to control your laughter, and with that, end by saying there will be a “Scott Van Melt” coming to a restaurant near you.

Bang For Your Buck

Bang For Your Buck

Let’s keep with the local establishments in this evening’s post by taking a gander at local food  and drink deals.

As college students most of our wallets aren’t exactly flush 24/7 and on top of it Bobby Flay isn’t my roommate, so cooking skills are a scarce resource. The only logical thing to do is save as much money as possible, so that we can buy Washington Apple shots at Rick’s (which are on sale 95% of the week anyways).

The Contenders

2sday at What Up Dawg? – Hot dog lovers beware you can get 2 coney dogs for a whopping 2$ Beer lovers beware Tall Boys of Keystone are 2$ as well. Beer lovers lookout….. 1$ Pints 6pm-Midnight. If you didn’t get it from the clever title this deal goes down on Tuesday.
Burrito Wednesday at Qdoba – Starting at 4pm you can land yourself a chicken burrito for 5$ Hold up Cheese lovers beware, get that burrito “con queso” for just 1$. Did I mention that you get a free drink just for giggles…

Half off Dublin and Harper’s – I’m dublin’ up on this one since they are eerily similar and straight forward. Wednesday nights half off food and drinks.

Burgerama @ The Riv–Kick off the weekend with some afternoon delight, because this is the closest thing to it for the majority of the single population. Burger for 1.50$ add Fries for 1$. Drink straight out of a pitcher of beer for 3.50$ I can repeat that again, but instead just reread my last statement. 3-9pm

Burger Bash @ PT O’Malleys – It’s the generic brand version of Burgerama with a shorter line and less impressive music.

Pizza Palooza – Thursday nights Free Pizza. Can’t recall the exact timing but there’s pizza early and often. This one is hot and cold with people too. I myself have housed 6 slices at Palooza and I’m darn proud. Others aren’t so high on food from Rick’s, which is pretty understandable but come on people no one is above Rick’s. We’ve seen my previous post, Its RICKS.


Subway – Unless the Sub of the Month is any sub for the 5$ footlong I’m taking my talents elsewhere for subs, and it’s called Jersey Giants.


‘Tis The Season – Cast a vote

While I know the majority of you are well aware of these deals, I want to know which one is your favorite so leave your vote in the comments. Please and Thank You

Why we always end up at Rick’s American Cafe

First off I want to try and clear up what I’ll be blogging about from week to week. As a college student my activities are simple there’s class, work, food, sports,and social life. No particular order or importance, because as many of us have found out the last few years, it’s all a balancing act. With that being said my posts will in some way touch on one, if not more, of those topics as it relates to my daily adventures.

Now moving on to Uncle Richard’s.

East Lansing offers several reputable bars for students to utilize for night life (sometimes afternoon) activities, but one of them is known to all as a hot spot that can’t be avoided. It resides on Abbott Rd and while the stairs can be treacherous, as we’ve seen many fall embarrassingly before their peers, they lead to a half lit, half darkened bar know as Rick’s.

Name Calling

One reason I think people like Rick’s so much is because it has a plethora of names it can be referred to. Thus I give you this list, any one and everyone is encouraged to leave other names I omit in the comments below.

1. Rick’s – sweet and simple, just like those kamikaze shots

2. Rick’s American Cafe – using the full name just boosts credibility.

3. Richard’s – Rick’s just more sophisticated

4. Uncle Richard’s – we all want to be a part of the family

5. The Cafe – don’t bring your Homework here, they might have free wi-fi for live tweeting though.

Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes

Besides the numerous names, Rick’s boasts a unique dance floor. Yes, I’ve sat and laughed at the expense of other’s actions in the dark corners of Rick’s, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had my fair share of good times near that DJ booth. Don’t even get me started about when they bring in a cover band (something I strongly believe should happen every Friday and Saturday night). The minute you hear “your jam” and bust out your go to moves to impress the opposite sex is quite fun, and there’s a reason that dance floor is packed come Midnight.

Come One Come All

The last point I want to establish here is the mere fact that you can always depend on Rick’s. Say you make an impromptu decision to head to the bars, but didn’t get a chance

to make plans with friends. All you have to do is head to Rick’s and I guarantee you will run into the people you’re looking for. Along with that, you’re going to see the friends you might not be close enough to crash house parties with, but you would gladly buy them a Long Island while conversing about the hot chick in your lecture. Spoiler Alert, the hot chick from lecture is probably at Rick’s too.

With all that being said, after the football team beats Iowa Saturday afternoon I shall see all of you around 11:30pm at our favorite spot in town.



Fantasy Football: Allowing Men to Live Their Childhood Dream

Disclaimer: All women should not be offended by this title, we encourage ladies to participate in Fantasy Football, it’s flat out attractive.

Younger Years

Whether it be through rocket football or throwing TD passes to your Dad in the backyard, young boys aspired to lead their team to a Rose Bowl or hoist a coveted Superbowl trophy. I for one can recall waking up early Saturday mornings in 3rd grade and going through a simple pregame ritual with my old man. En route to the stadium we always stopped for mini chocolate covered donuts (breakfast of champions, sort of.) for a pregame meal. Very simple, yet very effective, with every TD scored and victory earned the process had to be repeated. With that simple move my Dad had created my addiction to football.

Friday Night Lights

After going through Pee Wee leagues, us boys finally hit our “Glory days” and you can put money on Springsteen being blasted all the way through those high school years. There was something about a school, and in many cases an entire community rallying around our team that got our juices flowing. So we did all we could to take in as many games under the lights as possible.

What Now?

After getting bounced from the State playoffs and wrapping up our playing careers, many young men (we’re 18 now, so “boys” doesn’t quite fit anymore) still have the itch for competition, so we decide to live vicariously through our idols, insert Fantasy Football. It’s a little bit of heaven. We still feel like we’re right in the thick of the game. We can make substitutions, trades, free agency pick ups, create our own hilarious team names, we have a conversation starter for any new guy friend we come across, and we have something to take our minds off the Lions disappointing us yet again.

Ladies, don’t get angry by the amount of time and effort we put into our league, you have to realize it all started when we were young kids yelling, “Blue 42″ before launching a fade pass to our Pops to win a Superbowl against our rival older brother.